About Me

Jennifer is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a BA in Political Sciences. A keenly artistic individual with a knack for organization, she planned her own travel-themed wedding in 2009.  Having thoroughly enjoyed the experience and receiving praise from many of those who attended, it was then that she decided to put forth her passion into event coordination and obtained her designation from the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada shortly after.

A native of Toronto, Ontario her entire life, Jennifer has an appreciation and understanding of the diversity that makes up our city.  She is also worldly and well-travelled; snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, dancing the night away at a Full Moon party in Thailand, and doing the Stations of the Cross during Easter weekend in Jerusalem are only a few of her fondest travel memories.  The combination of living in multicultural Toronto and exposure to so many cultures around the world has fostered her admiration for all peoples and their rituals.

In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys every moment with her loving husband Brian and sons Roman and Aaron.  Other passions include running marathons, hot yoga, shopping, and baking.

Contact Information

Jennifer dela Cruz